Sean & Jani Carney, District Representatives, High Plains District

We serve 25 fields in parts of 7 states: North and South Dakota, eastern Montana, western Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. Six of these fields are rural communities with no town. The largest town we serve has a population of 1,300. Eighteen of our fields are in counties with a population density of less than 10 people per square mile. In these sparsely populated areas, many families struggle with isolation. On several fields where the missionary has served seven or more years, the church is now starting to see new families and numerical growth, which is exciting!


  1. Pray with us for our Village Missionary families to thrive on the fields where they have been placed – to preach the Word and love their people well.
  2. Pray for several missionaries who have moved to new fields, that they would get settled and get to know their church family and community.
  3. Please pray for our fall rounds as we meet with boards and churches, updating them on Village Missions and challenging them with the Scriptures in their corporate Christian walk and leadership.
  4. Pray for our health and vitality as we travel many miles and spend a third of our time away from home and on the road.

Village Missions, PO Box 197, Dallas, OR  97338 (800) 617-9905

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