Sam & Rachel Whittaker, Mohawk, OR

We’ve had significant problems with our sound system for a while. A local company analyzed the system and gave us an estimate for repairs. The board members and I were dismayed by the amount! We didn’t know how we would pay for it, but we decided it is a necessary expense. As the board meeting concluded, I realized I had forgotten to check the church’s mailbox. In the mail was a check from someone who doesn’t attend our church but recently came to a funeral here. I was stunned by the amount they gave. Later that week I visited an elderly church member. Out of the blue, she wrote a large check. We may not have known how we were going to pay for the sound system repairs, but God did!

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Executive Director of VM Canada, Guy & Geni Shields:

We rejoice in the Lord’s goodness to bless us with a wonderful Canadian Staff Conference.

Nick & Sarah Picklesimer, Coram, MT

For a small rural church, a new parsonage is a big deal…and an opportunity to see God provide in miraculous ways!!