Jay & Kaylee Foster, Amaranth, MB

The town of Amaranth (roughly 200 people) is located in southern Manitoba, near Sandy Bay Indigenous Reserve (roughly 6-9,000 people). The town is primarily indigenous families, while the farms in the surrounding area are primarily non-native. Amaranth has a grocery store, a bank, a bar, and two churches (one evangelical; one Catholic).


  1. We have a kids club (ages 4-12) that has been blessing children with some knowledge of Jesus. Our prayer is that we would practically reflect the light and truth of Jesus.
  2. We are thinking about starting a youth group that would help young teens find true friendship and love what is good.
  3. Wisdom to help area Christians live by the words of Jesus more than worldly wisdom. We need prayer for courage to always live and speak the truth in love.

Amaranth Gospel Mission, PO Box 119, Amaranth, MB  R0H 0B0, Canada  (204) 843-2658

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