Clayton & Cindy Brown, Pine-Featherville, ID

We live in the remote and snowy Idaho mountains nearly two hours from Boise and just over 50 miles to the closest shopping in our county seat of Mountain Home. Many years ago, this valley was an active mining and logging area, but now we are mostly a recreational and retirement community for the many folks who want to escape into the mountains to enjoy cabin life, use their RVs in the many camping spots, or ride their ATVs and snowmobiles on miles of trails.


  1. Pray with us for our community, county, state, nation and world to know Him.
  2. We live amongst friends and acquaintances who hold various spiritual or religious views. Please pray that our loving God will direct us in our relationships and help us be intentional in sharing our faith.
  3. Pray for us to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior as we endeavor to be disciples and to disciple those around us.

Mountain View Community Church, c/o Bob Fish, 1927 N Bobs Place, Pine, ID  83647 (208 870-4972)

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