Del & Colleen Abbey, Charlos Heights & Sula, MT

We serve three churches in the beautiful mountainous area of western Montana. Two of the fields—Charlos Heights and Sula—are west of the continental divide, and the other, Jackson, is east of the divide. Charlos Heights and Sula have both become retirement areas, whereas Jackson is a ranching community. Because the fields are so spread out, we travel 225 miles on an average Sunday, but the beautiful scenery of western Montana never gets old.


  1. Pray that God would give our churches a hunger and a thirst for his Word.
  2. Pray for unity in all three of our churches.
  3. Pray that more and more of our people would become fearless followers of Christ and that we would work together to bring the Gospel to these communities.

Charlos Heights Community Church, 230 Russel Dr., Hamilton, MT 59840. (406) 363-2896

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