Paul & Robin Crabtree, Manton, CA

Our church held a Sunday of Thanksgiving. We looked at what the scriptures teach about being thankful. I paused during the sermon and asked, “What are you thankful for?” The responses were very uplifting. One lady beamed as she spoke up: “I’m thankful that my grandson and his wife and new baby are all going to church and a weekly Bible study.” We all praised God with her because we have been praying for this family for years!  

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Andy & Staci Hall, Ridgway, MT

This is ranch country in southeast Montana. It’s definitely rural! Pray for this missionary family and church as they study, teach and share God’s Word.

Mark & Deborah Lugg, Bowman, CA

One couple started a Sunday School. God grew it into a church and brought Village Missionaries. 60 years later, it’s a good time to celebrate.