Tony & Cathy Bittner, Skykomish, WA

In December, we had electrical outages for 17 days due to heavy snow and an ice storm. During one outage, Cathy and I went to the church early to shovel the fresh snow, start the generator and warm up the building…only to find that the furnace wasn’t working. We set up a couple space heaters and notified people that the building would be cold. People came anyway, some with blankets. By the end of the service, the temperature inside the room was up to 38 degrees! A technician spent many hours and hundreds of dollars on parts to repair the furnace. He only charged $350 because he attends a small church, too.

Then the week before Christmas, an ice storm caused flooding. Roads were closed, and the power was out again. Our Christmas Eve service went well considering all that people had to go through to attend!

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