David & Serena Carr, Philipsburg, MT

Philipsburg Community Church is in a beautiful mountain valley in Western Montana’s Rocky Mountains. We’re at one mile of elevation. Philipsburg is a revitalized historic mining town, so much of the employment evolves around tourism, ranching, and mining. Other jobs include schoolteachers, hospital staff, and county workers. The church was started under the leadership of Village Missionary Ray Cheyney in 1955.


  1. Our prayer is that we will reach the community with the Gospel. The independent, pioneering spirit among people here is sometimes a barrier to trusting God.
  2. We moved to Philipsburg in March 2021. Please pray for God to establish us in the community.

Philipsburg Community Church, PO Box 536, Philipsburg, MT (406) 859-3622

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