Robert & Stephanie Melotti, Tonto Basin, AZ

Tonto Basin, Arizona, is a growing high desert community with a cowboy-western feel. It is about an hour and a half northeast of Phoenix. The nearby lake attracts many seasonal visitors, but there are over 1,500 year-round residents, including many retirees. About 90 students attend the local schools.


  1. Pray that we can reach more young families.
  2. Pray that the new attendees would assimilate into the body-life of the church.
  3. Pray that God would work in the church family even through the hot summer months.
  4. Pray the Lord would raise more leaders among our church’s men.

Tonto Basin Bible Church, PO Box 84, Tonto Basin, AZ 85553. (928) 479-2299

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