Alex & Melanie Pompu, Maidstone, SK

Maidstone has a population of about 1,000. There are two primary industries in the area: farming and oil. We are in the middle of the Canadian prairies, so winters are usually quite cold and summers are quite hot. There are ample opportunities to be involved in sports in the town, especially baseball and hockey.


  1. The town is very spiritually dark, as there aren’t many Christians in the area. Pray that God would shine a light here.
  2. Pray that our church would be ready to disciple and train those who come to know Jesus.
  3. I (Alex) am a member of our Fire Department; please pray for safety for us and for opportunities to share Christ with firefighters and other first responders.

Grace Community Church, Box 448, Maidstone, SK  S0M 1M0, CANADA. (306) 893-4355

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