Isaac & Bethany Pederson, Cedarcreek, MO

Our church is on a country highway through Cedarcreek, which is a community of small neighborhoods clustered around a lake in the Ozark hills. The only public meeting areas are the small volunteer fire department and an attached thrift shop, which are only open on Saturdays.


  1. Praise God that though our church family comes from many different backgrounds, there is strong unity in our faith in Christ!
  2. Many of our church members have recently lost loved ones or have been dealing with serious illnesses. Please pray that this will be a time of strengthening.
  3. Pray that we as a church would show the light of Christ in our community and that God would give us opportunities to connect even though gathering places are scarce.
  4. Please pray for God’s blessings on our men’s and ladies’ weekly Bible studies and on our summer outreach events.

Open Door Community Church, PO Box 101, Cedarcreek, MO 65627. (417) 794-3434

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