Jim & Brenda Harkabus, Lakehead, CA

Lakehead is situated on Interstate 5 in northern California in the hills just north of Redding on the edge of Lake Shasta. Lake recreation is a big draw to this area. People come annually to houseboat, camp, ski, fish, hike, and get the bonus of seeing a bald eagle as they go about their daily activities. A number of vacationers end up retiring to this area. We have found CenterShot Archery to be an effective outreach ministry to reach people with the Gospel message. During the Covid pandemic, we have been able to continue with mostly indoors services, as well as posting messages online to YouTube and Facebook.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for a continued open door for the Gospel. With a growing exodus of people leaving California for economic and political reasons, we have lost several actively involved families who are moving to other states. We will miss them and know the churches they land in will be blessed. Pray that the Lord will raise up others to fill those ministry gaps created.

(Canyon Community Church, PO Box 406, Lakehead, CA 96051 (530) 515-3948)

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