Chris & Tammy Immer, Lummi Island, WA

Lummi Island is accessed by a 20-car ferry.  On any given Saturday during tourist season, the island is a magnet for day-travelers.  This particular day, there was a wedding on the island as well as a separate reception for the daughter and son-in-law of Village Missionaries Chris and Tammy Immer.  It was NOT a good day for the ferry to break down!

Pastor Chris began using his boat to shuttle guests for the reception.  Word spread quickly, and others who were stranded asked him to transport them as well.  The ferry’s dock workers assisted people as they embarked and disembarked from his boat.  It turned into a very long day for Chris as he even transferred a medical patient to the mainland.  Everyone who was aided by his kindness and generosity expressed their gratitude and thankfulness.  One church member said, “We sure are blessed to have Chris and Tammy here on the island. Our entire community benefits from it!”

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