Matt & Stephanie Van Gorden, Hartland Center, OH

Hartland Center Community Church is surrounded by the farmland and rolling hills of northern Ohio, about 25 miles south of Lake Erie and halfway between Cleveland and Toledo. Agriculture, education, and the medical field are the primary industries represented in our congregation, but our proximity to the Lake and to urban areas allows for a wide variety of employment opportunities.


  • Please pray with us that the people of HCCC will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that in our growing, we will reach out in love to our community.
  • Pray for opportunity and creativity in outreach, as well as focus and commitment in discipleship through men’s and women’s Bible studies, Sunday School, and junior/senior high youth group.
  • Pray that God will continue to strengthen our marriage and equip us to parent our children with joy and wisdom.
Hartland Center Community Church, 2750 Court Rd, Collins, OH 44826
(419) 706-3694

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