Arnold & Eleanor Tracey, Whonnock, B.C.

One day I came across a 19-year-old who had been kicked out of his home. I chatted with him a bit. Seeing that he was cold and hungry, I bought him a sandwich and coffee. We talked more as he ate, and I discovered that he’s getting into hard drugs. I shared with him that before I came to know Christ, I had a drug problem. He became very attentive then. I said that he didn’t have to go down that road and that he could make a better choice, one that would benefit his life and not drag him down into the abyss. I challenged him to make one good choice today that would make a positive difference in his life.

Some days later I ran into him again. He was a little too high on drugs for a meaningful interaction, but it occurred to me that God has put him on my radar. I’m sure I’ll run into him again.  

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