JD & Katie Milton, Buskirk, NY

West Hoosick Baptist Church is located about 30 miles northeast of Albany, NY, right on the Vermont border. Our little church is often forgotten on the backroads outside of our community. Once a bustling river town with several factories, Hoosick now suffers lasting effects from those now-closed factories that dumped chemical waste into the rivers …

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Image depicts small town canada

Struggles in Small Town Canada

The communities of small town Canada are often viewed through rose-colored lenses as idyllic places immune from troubles. This nostalgic perspective of rural communities still lingers in many peoples’ minds. Whether it be reinforced by our culture or media, small towns are either idealized as sanitized and carefree, or overlooked as insignificant. Sometimes both. But …

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Grindrod, BC

Grindrod is a quiet farming community located in a beautiful valley, enclosed on two sides by forested mountains. There is a lack of employment opportunities in the community, so those who do work usually have to commute. The mild climate here makes it attractive to retirees who like the “country.” The village itself is home …

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